The Future of Global Project Management

CEO Message

Welcome to ICPM


ICPM (Industry Council of Project Management) stands for PM Professional Association in Korea.

This association was established in July, 2016 to contribute to strengthening international competitiveness and economic development of national industry through development and dissemination of project management technology and methodology.
There are many industries where the project is carried out, but at the heart of it are experts who always apply and implement PM. The future of a national economy and industry depends on experts.

This association fosters and supports project management professionals who are required by corporations and organizations, conducts education and research through industry-academy cooperation activities for fundamental development of project management field, and consulting. We will be at the center of our professional activities leading the project industry.
We want to be with you as you can go farther and longer when you are together. Please support the objective and purpose of our association and participate in the activities together.

Chairman & CEO Kim, Seung-chul